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Beauty and the Servant

Once upon a time, a very beautiful girl named Beauty and her mother lived behind the mountain Kaf where every magical creature and magic were real. When this beautiful girl was sleeping, a snowy dove perched on the window and came inside. The Girl's mother was watching her beautiful daughter when she was sleeping. Then she noticed the dove and started to caress the doveís head. But suddenly the dove started speaking and told the mother: "Your daughter will live far away from you, and one day a man whose body will be wrapped in a carpet will be brought to your daughter's castle. For forty days, she will think that he is a dead man, but he will start breathing after forty days. And finally he will become your daughter's husband."
Her mother was so afraid that she took her daughter and went far away from their home. It was sad that she did not realize while she wanted to save her daughter from this pain she took her exactly to the same castle which was described by the snowy dove. As they talked they found a servant for helping the beautiful girl in the lone and cold castle.
Later, the snowy dove appeared again and told: "It is very soon that your guest is coming, look after him very well."
She was very afraid as her mother was away from her. But she remembered her motherís words about this dove. She had promised her mother to not tolerate this guest but she now she started feeling differently now.
After a week, a big black eagle showed up and it seemed like the eagle carried a very heavy burden. The eagle set the burden in the middle of the room where the Beauty girl lived in.
The man's body was wrapped in a carpet. The Beauty and the servant cut it open and they saw a very handsome man lying on the ground. They carried him to a bed and Beauty took care of him for forty days. She fell in love with this man and prayed for his health and happiness.
On the fortieth night her servant said that she was so ill and wanted to her to bring a glass of water, but there were no water in the room so she went to the kitchen. It took a time to find the water and the glass in the kitchen. When she arrived the room she noticed that her servant and the handsome shah had fallen in love. Her pain were so terrible that she could not say a word when her servant told the shah that Beauty was her servant. As a result, she became a servant in her own castle.
Shah took them to his magnificent palace and the servant lived like sultans and treated Beauty very badly and every single day she succeeded to make Beauty cry.
One day Shah and his men went for quashed the rebellion in the west of the country. Before he sailed he asked his wife the presents that she wanted from him, finally he asked Beauty as to what gift she wanted, and she said she wanted a patience stone which was a tiny stone. Beauty told the Shah, "If you do not bring this stone to me, I wish all the disasters would follow you."
Shah fought well and beat all his enemies but he forgot to buy Beauty's present and because of the storm they could not turn back to home. Then he remembered the girl's words, so he bought the stone immediately. They turned back home without any misfortune.
When they returned home, he gave the stone to the girl. Beauty thanked him for the gift and in the night she took the stone and told the story of her life.
The stone got bigger and bigger and finally it exploded. Beauty started to cry. While she was crying the Shah came in to the room, his eyes were filled with tears and he apologized to her.
In the morning he asked his wife the story that Beauty had already told and incredibly she told the same story. The shah got angry about the lie that he lived in years, so he put the servant in a dark and cold dungeon. The Beauty and the Shah got married and they lived happily forever.

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