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Arrogant King and Charitable Fish

Once upon a time, there lived a king in a far away land. He was so powerful that everyone obeyed him. He seemed like a giant and the people in his kingdom were afraid of him. He was the owner of almost all lands in the world. But he did not have a family. Nobody liked him. After the death of his parents, he became lonely.
One day, while he was walking around the forest, he stopped to drink water from a river. At that time, he saw a fish. It was washed ashore, and was screaming for help desperately.
"Help me! Is there anyone? Please help me.."
As soon as the king heard the scream, he helped it by taking to the river. When it reached the river, firstly it cleaned its fins, and then thanked the king."Thank you, sir. You saved my life. I promise that I will repay for your goodness."
When the kind heard this he started laughing. The fish was surprised, and asked him, "Why are you laughing? What did I say? Is there any mistake?"
The King replied," You are really so funny, fish. I am a king. Have you ever seen any king like me? How will you repay my goodness? You canít do anything except swim".
The fish became sad and replied, "Maybe, you are right, your majesty. But, if you need my help any day, I will help you without any hesitation."
Saying these words,the fish disppeared into the water.
The king too went back to his castle.
Time passed and the king became old. He could not command his country and his enemies attacked one after the other. He was captured by his enemy who had seized his kingdom. The new king tortured him so much that even the people felt sorry for him and wanted him freed. The new king who cared about his people set the king free by throwing him into the river. He was wounded and started sinking. He tried to stem the current, but he could not do it. He was about to die of choking. But suddenly, all fishes which were in the river covered him and helped him to swim. Eventually, he reached the land with the help of the fishes. When his breath was in order, the fish which he helped years ago came to the forefront, and said:
"That's tough, your majesty. You said years and years ago, that How could a little fish like me help a great king like you?' As you see, everyone has got ability, and please donít forget that united we stand united we are stronger. I can be a little fish, but when I collaborated with my friends, I could save a majestyís life like yours."
When the king heard this, he was ashamed of himself, and said: "Iím sorry, brother fish. I was a merciless, arrogant king. Because of my bad behaviour, God punished me. I will apologize to all people around world during my life. But firstly, please forgive me brother fish..."
While he finished his words by crying, the fish replied:
"I forgive you, I see that you are a good person from now. Donít worry anymore, but find all people who you hurt before hand, and donít be afraid, because your fear condemn you, your hopes make you free."
And the king says: "Iím so happy to hear that."
After that, the king apologized to everyone whom he had hurt before.

Trabzon / Turkey

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