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The Tennis Player

Once upon a time, there lived a young man. His name was Sanjay. He was a tennis player. He used to win almost all matches. He had earned fame as the best tennis player. But, as soon as his name
spread, he started bragging about it . His friends hated to spend time with him, as he kept appreciating himself. Now, Sanjay was a lonely man. But, he felt that all his friends were useless. He saw himself as a very great man, indeed. Once, he had a match with a tough opponent. Sanjay tried his best, but could not win over the other guy. Sanjay was depressed. He had thought that he would win over him easily, but could not. As he had lost the match, his fans started shouting the name of his opponent . Now, Sanjay remembered his friends. He thought of going to them and seeking their friendship. But when he went to them, they declined his friendship. He spent his time alone. He was bored out of his wits. He did not enjoy all the kingly pleasures he had. He promised himself that he would never brag again . Then, he went to the tennis court to practice for an upcoming match . But, he could not practice without remembering his pals. He went and apologized to his buddies. They, too who had missed him, agreed gladly. From then on, he lived happily with his friends. In the next match, he won easily. Everyone congratulated him.

Suman Hegde
BEL High School

Words of Appreciation

tanisha wow!!!man great!!3 stories of yours r so brilliant!!
taruni wow!!!!!!superr story !!!!!!!!!

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