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Disaster turns good

Once upon a time, there lived a man name Ronald . He was a sailor.
Once he had almost died , after the ship in which he had been travelling, hit a huge rock . From that time, Ronald had promised himself that he would never ever venture out on a sea journey, anymore. After he quit sailing, he led his life in difficulty . For some time he worked as a wood cutter. But , his wood had no demand in the market . So, he quit that, too. Then, he became a carpenter, a
skill which his father had taught. But he was getting only a meager amount from that. But nevertheless he did that job as he liked it.
One morning , he woke up from deep sleep and came out of the house. The neighbors greeted him. Then, he checked his mail box. He found a letter . He hardly got any letter after he quit sailing. Ronald was surprised as to who had written it to him . He tore open the envelope and unfolded a paper. It was written by Captain Jack. The letter stated that he (Jack) wanted Ronald to accompany him on
the ship, as he wanted to deliver some goods to a distant land. Ronald felt very unhappy reading this letter . He didnít like to go on yet another sea journey . But he could not refuse anything to
Captain Jack, who had been so close to him . So he packed his luggage and left for the job.
After a good, two hour long journey, he reached the port. He met Jack and enquired about his well-being the next day, they started their journey. The cargo was loaded into the ship. The ship began to sail . Ronald chatted with other sailors and spent time . Almost a hour passed, the ship began to sink. All the sailors and the captain were terrified . The captain told them not to bother about the cargo and save their own lives. The life boat was let down. All sailors except Ronald and the captain jumped into
the boat. Before, Ronald and Jack could jump the boat sank. They both were sad that all their companions were dead. But, they could not stand there, thinking. They had to act fast. They jumped into the water and swam to the shore. Some local people enquired about them in a strange language . Jack and Ronald did not understand a bit of it.
They tried to make signs. But the people didnít understand them. One of the locals was surprised to see them speak English. He knew English. They narrated to him, what had happened. The man informed
it to the other locals. The locals gave them house to live. From the very next day , they started working. With the other locals, they cut the wood. But, the land was a bit different. There were no shops.
The people would take the items they needed for free. The people would share each otherís problems. At night, Ronald and Jack used their time to learn the local language. In course of time, the local people
liked them so much because they provided them solutions for each and every problem. So, the people elected them as the leader of their land. Ronald was given the highest post and Jack was given
the second highest post. They all lived happily ever after.

Suman Hegde
Std: 8
BEL High School

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