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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Once upon a time in a beautiful village, there lived a butterfly and a bird. They both were friends. One day, the butterfly was sitting on a twig. The bird had gone to collect food . A group of boys came running, there. On seeing the butterfly, one of the boys tried to catch it. The butterfly made sudden escape. All the boys tried and at last, one of the boys caught it and put it in a plastic jar. The butterfly struggled for its freedom. The boy displayed it proudly to his friends. He bragged about having caught it. Mean while, the bird returned.It was shocked to see that the butterfly was missing . The butterfly was vulnerable. The bird started searching for the butterfly. At last, it found it near a river.A boy was holding a jar, inside which there was a butterfly. When the boy went to have a bath in the river, the bird opened the jar with its beak. The butterfly came out. It was grateful to the bird .

Std: 8 BEL High School Bangalore

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