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The Rescuer

Once in a small village, there lived a boy called Ramu. His father was a boatman. He had only one boat, as he was very poor. Ramu enjoyed boatrides. Daily he used race to the lake, where his father would ferry passengers to and fro. He would wait until the rush for the boat ride was over and enjoyed a boat ride. He too wanted to become a boatman. One day, as there was only one passenger in the boat ,Ramu sat along with him. Midway in water the boat began to sink. All were terrified. Suddenly, Ramu ‘s father and the passenger drowned in water. Ramu wanted to rescue them. He jumped into the water and swam to the bank of the lake along with them . He pumped water out of their bodies. They gained consciousness. The passenger thanked Ramu for saving his life . He paid Ramu’s father a huge amount of money . The village acclaimed him as hero. He was given an award by the village head.

Suma N Hegde
Std: 8
BEL High School

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