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A lesson learnt

There was a little girl who lived in a city. She lived a very luxurious life. Anything she wanted, she would get. But she wasn't happy with her life because she always wanted to be a princess.
Her friends didn't like her because she was very arrogant and stingy. She only cared about herself and didnot care about others.
One day, her parents were injured badly in a car accident. They were also fired out of their jobs. Since the girl's father had a lot of debts, their house was taken away and the family
could only afford a small flat in a
very cheap estate. The girl was very shameful of herself.
Day by day the girl was being nicer. Even a little piece of bread she had, she would share it with her friends. She had learned her lesson not to
be greedy ever again.

Moral: Be happy with what you have. Don't ask for something you don't have. Don't be greedy.

Harshal Chaudhuri

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