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A Peculiar Day

It was a cold, winter morning,when suddenly I felt that the sun was growing bigger, so were the things around me. Soon I was as tiny as a speck. I was puzzled whether it was me who was growing small or the world was growing big. I looked at myself and saw that my dress wasn’t fitting me… instead it was like a huge blanket. I ran to my dollhouse and wore my doll’s dress to cover myself. Just then my clock chimed ’8′, I was almost latfor school. I rushed to pick my bag but I nearly tripped, it was so heavy!. I left the bag and started walking.

As I walked towards my school, I was curios to know that was it only my parents and I who had turned small or everybody in the whole world had turned small. If it was only us, I wondered what made us turn small. Was it the food that we had in the night in a wierd restaurant or was it the ice-cream that we ate later which was tasting funny or was it the extra cheese macroni that I had eaten for my afternoon snack.

On the way I kept thinking and the school seemed so far!! The houses on the way looked much bigger than the sky-scrapers. The vehicles on the road looked huge and scary. I had read a story sometime back in a fiction magazine that described a city on Mars in twenty second century. To me it looked as if the story had come alive.

Suddenly the wind started blowing, I was so light that when the wind blew, I was picked off from the ground. I felt mesmerised and closed my eyes. It felt so wonderful to float in the air. After a few minutes, I felt a soft cloth under me. I opened my eyes to see myself hanging on a drying line. When I was trying to jump down from it, I looked up and fear ran down my spine. An eagle was fast approaching me……may be it was looking forward to a delicious meal. I was horrified so I hid under a drying shirt. When, the owner of the house took the clothes inside I got a chance to jump down.The wind began to blow again so I clutched on to a garbage bag. I thought it would keep me down on the ground instead it acted like a parachute for me taking me all the way to the school.

When I entered my class , nobody spotted me come late. I quitely sat in my place. I felt like an ant sitting with the elephants!! When my class teacher called out my name, I screamed my lungs out to tell that I was present and my friends looked around and started staring at me. I was horrified that my friends were like giants and I was the only person who looked even smaller than a dwarf!!. My friends started teasing me and the whole class started singing:-

”There’s a crawling rat in our class Shoo it out! It will enter our bags and finish our lunch pouch! If it gets into our books what will it do??? It will eat off the pages and cover too!!”

I felt sad that I was being called names and felt like crying and running away. Then my teacher asked the class not to make fun of me.

Our teacher also looked puzzled and kept staring at me in between but continued with the lessons. When we started studying, the words appeared so big to me that it took me half an hour to read one question correctly. I was sad and tensed thinking that I wuldn’t be able to complete my studies.

Suddenly a boy fell down in the class, I thought of it as an earthquake so I ran out of class shouting ”save your life save your life”. People stared at me…I don’t know what they were thinking. Maybe they were thinking that I was mad or that how did I turn so small or maybe they were just confused. I later realized that there was no earthquake but kept walking towards my home.

On the way I saw a lovely sand-castle and entered it. But it wasn’t as good as it seemed. There were many chambers some filled with eggs and many white sticky worm like creatures were running around. They crawled over me too. I felt gross and realized that these were termites! I wanted to run away as I fast as I could and I had a tough time getting out of there.

I was almost near my house when I spotted a dog on the street. I ran home shouting ”dinosaurs in the twenty first century dinosaurs in the twenty first century!”.

I was sweating when I reached home, so I opened the refrigerator to take cold water. Getting something out of it was like climbing ‘Mount Everest’ for me! The inside of the refrigerator was like Antarctica without penguins and polar bears. I had alsmost frozen to death. I just had a spoon ful of water and that was more than enough for me.

I was also feeling hungry so I had a grape for lunch and kept a piece of corn aside for evening snack. While I was still finishing my lunch, I heard my Mom screaming “Wake-up! you’ll be late for school” and I opened my eyes!!!!

I said to myself, “So, it was just a dream when I had changed into a ‘mini-me’”, and started with my morning activities. After I freshened up, I looked out of my backyard. Suddenly!, I felt that the Sun was growing bigger!! and so were the things around me. I screamed, “Not again!!!!”.
Was my dream turning into a nightmare?

Pragya Gupta
5 B
National Public School,

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