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Cunningness Does Not Pay

In a village, there lived a mango seller. He was poor but cunning. He overcharged his customers for his mangoes. One day, some people decided to complain about him to the king. They went and expressed their plight to the king. The king wanted to punish the mango seller, but the minister, who was also a close friend of the mango seller stopped him by saying some witty words. The mango seller was happy that his friend saved him. One day, the mango seller spotted a old torn out piece of paper. It had nothing but the village map and a X mark on it. He decided that it was something valuable and rushed to dig near the given spot. But he kept in his mind that he should not reveal this to the minister.He started digging at the right place.Meanwhile, the minister had come to his housefor a visit, all the way from the palace. He thought that the mango seller had gone out to sell mangoes. He opened the cupboard to eat a mango,when he noticed a piece of paper. He opened it and saw that it was a treasure map. He rushed to the place thinking that his friend had not revealed this to him. He hid behind some bushes and noticed that the mango seller had taken out a big pot filled to its brim with gold,diamonds and gems. He hatched a plan.He made a duplicate copy of the map and wrote the king's name at the top of it. He then went to the king and said,"Look Your Majesty, the cunning mango seller has taken your treasure that your forefather has kept in your name." The King saw that it had his name. He asked,"Where did you get this from?" The minister replied,"Your Majesty, I retrieved it from his house while he had gone to dig the treasure." The King ordered his soldiers to bring the mango seller with the treasure at once. After the mango seller was brought, he was made to hand over the treasure to the king. He was arrested and imprisoned.


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