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Work is Worship

Once upon a time there was a sage. Once he went to his disciple’s (ramu’s) home to stay with him for a few days. Ramu, after coming from work in the evening used to pray 2 hours. To show his guru, that it was not an act of discourtesy, he said politely that all the worldly affairs are useless as they take away his peace of mind. But prayer in the evening recharges him and he feels to be engaged in prayer all through the day. The sage smiled and said ”Tomorrow take leave from work; I want you to accompany me some where”. But at the eleventh hour, he reversed his decision and decided to stay at home. Then, Ramu kept on waiting for the next instructions until it was time for his prayers. AFTER RAMU CAME, THE SAGE ASKED HIM, “IF HE WAS FEELING REJUVENATED”.
RAMU disapprovingly said, "Really I don’t know I didn’t enjoy my praying session today." Then the sage smiled and said,”This is because today you remained away from your work. According to you work is useless but no dear! work is as important as prayers."
The truth is that performance of one’s duties towards his nation and family is as important as the act of prayer. one has to do a balancing act and that only keeps one happy.

Rohan Sharma
Bhavan Vidyalaya
Panchkula, Haryana

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ankur very insipiring for me. thank you

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