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The Golden Village

I visited my grandparents’ home in a remote village in India. It was a pleasant place. I thought it would be a good rest after my heavy work load tensions in USA. I loved the greenery and the beautiful big trees, waving lightly in breeze. Looking at them I felt like as if they were welcoming me.
Days passed, one evening I was out for a stroll. on the No. 6, 3rd street, the most dangerous place to even look at it. My grandma always warned me about it. I was so attached to the beauty of nature and without my consciousness I entered ‘the street’. Suddenly I heard a weird cry. I snapped out and looked around. I noticed a strange house. I was doomed with fear. I went home. During dinner time I asked my grandma about the house. She started sweating and she told nothing. “This is your final warning. Enjoy your holiday and reach home safely.” she told. That night I could not sleep. I was so curious about the place.
Next day I met two boys Shyam and Jeev at the park near the street. From the park the house was clearly visible. The boys were looking strange, but soon we became friends. I enquired them about the house but even they refused to answer or give any details. Again that night I went to that street. I saw a boy coming out of that house. I ran towards him and asked, “Hi, you are as brave as me. What did you see there? What was in there? “He told me that his name was Ram and replied very ignorantly and also warned me not to come here again. Later, I enquired about Ram. I was filled with surprise and fear when everyone told that he died 15 years ago.
That’s it! It was time to go inside the home. I gained all my courage and opened the gate. There was a small lamp lighting the room dimly. It suddenly flickered. A black cat jumped on me and crossed. Woo!! I was really scared. I went inside the house. It was very dark and weird noises were heard all around. I moved to the hall suddenly I noticed a shadow behind me. I quickly turned but it was just a cat. Then I inspected the house quickly. I could not find anything except a key and spectacles.
Next day, I was gazing the house, the key and the spectacles. Nothing was running in my mind. Suddenly, when I wore the spectacles and looked the house there was some one scribbling on the walls. I saw a name. RAM! Fantastic!! It was that boy I met I found a clue. Then I ran to Shyam and Jeev’s house to inform them about this. But they were not there. Neighbours told me that there was no one named like that in this locality. I was very much surprised. Strange things were happening around it was a tough situation. That night I was hiding behind the bushes at that house. Three boys went inside the house with some bags and returned out quickly without them.
I followed them. Luck favored me. I was able to catch one of them. I couldn’t believe myself. It was my friend Jeev. Then I thought of an idea. I threatened him and got all information from him. He gave me an old map and told me that there was a huge gang responsible for the secret of the map. I was looking at the map I couldn’t make out anything but all I could predict was that it was about something big!!
Next day I told all the things to my grandparents. They yelled at me. They along with villagers believed that there was a ghost history. Then I told them that there was no need to get frightened and there was no ghost. Now all I had to do was use the map and the key to find out everything. I was planning about this in the nearby park. I noticed Shyam at a distance but he did not notice me. I silently followed him. Finally, he entered a small forest behind that house. I returned back home. I concluded that the answer to the map is inside that forest.
Next night I decided to go into the forest with all my necessary things. It was very dark. I started walking deep into the forest. I found some tents at a distance and there was no one around. I inspected all the tents. I got so many clues and much information about the map. It was all about a huge ransom. It also mentioned that when RAM scribbled on the walls of the house, seen through the spectacles, when rearranged would turn the control pit on. Some master electric works!
Next day, I bravely went into the forest. Ram and Shyam were there and there was a huge crowd who looked like gangsters and terrorists. Somehow I created a small distraction, pulled Shyam alone and took him to the place where I kept Jeev. I threatened him too to get all the information.
Ram was not dead. Shyam and Jeev were kids who were curious about the house just like me but due to their misfortune they were held by the group and forced to work under them. Their idea was to use the control pit to track the earth’s satellite system to conquer the gold mines all over the world. The expense for building such a system was obtained from the ransom which was found at the basement of the house. The key was used to open the basement. He dint want people to know about it at any cost so he created a rumor that he was dead and there was a ghost in that house.
Ram’s time was over. Along with villagers and my grandparents help, we called the police. By the time they arrived we decided to use the evidences, damage the control pit and burn down the map because we didn't want much trouble to be caused to Ram’s future. Actually this was my grandparents’ wish. When the police arrived, the key was handed over to them and the whole gang was arrested. Jeev and Shyam were excused as they were innocent.
That night during dinner, my grandparents told me a shocking news!! Ram was none other than his cousin who went missing long back. I was very surprised and understood why they cared for him in spite of his mistake. They praised me for what I did and they were happy.
Fun was over I went back to USA. My friends asked me about my vacations. I narrated the story and soon we all were asleep.

Sathyaprakash Rao

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