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The Lonely Boy

Once upon a time, there was boy named Ram. He was seven years old and very brave. He lived alone in a village called Naliya. He did not have any brother, sister, mother or father, or any friends to chat or play with. He used to be bored all day long. Near the village was a forest. He had not eaten for many days and had become very weak, so he went to the forest to find some food for himself. As soon as he entered the forest, he saw a big snake passing by. He wanted to make the big snake his food but he knew that if he would catch it, it could bite him. He thought, “The big snake could be dangerous. I could find a big frog instead and eat it." He went a little further and saw a very big frog. “I am going to make this frog my food," he said to himself. He took his knife, killed the frog and made a fire by scraping stones on the wood that he had collected. Then he cooked and ate the frog till his stomach was full. He was very tired after the hunting, so he climbed up a tree so that he could not be attacked by any wild animal and rested there for some time. He went back to the village and thought, “I should go everyday to the forest and find some food for myself." So he went to the forest everyday and found food to eat.
One day, when he was going to the forest, he saw a man passing by. The man asked him, “What is your name?" Ram answered, “My name is Ram." The man again questioned, “Do you live alone?" Ram answered, “Yes, I do live alone." The man told Ram, “I am very rich but I also live alone. You can come to my house and I will give you food and we can live together. My house is in the nearby town called Bhuj. "
So Ram went with the rich man to his house and they used to work together to do all the work of the house as the rich man did not like any servants to work for him. He was very simple living and gave lots of toys to Ram to play with. He also got Ram admitted in a good school so that he could read and write and get good education. He knew that with good education, one could do anything good in life. Ram went to the school everyday and had great fun with his new friends which he made there in the school. Ram was very happy with the rich man and not lonely anymore and they lived happily ever after. Ram grew up and became a very good gentleman and he helped lonely children like the rich man helped him.

Tanisha Aneja
Grade : 4
Tha Air Force School,
Nalia, Gujarat.

Words of Appreciation

tanisha aneja Thank you very much.
Geeta Joshi Well done Tanisha...Its a lovely effort made by you. Very nicely written and presented. Keep writing more.

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