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The Foolish Monarchs

Long time ago, in a kingdom, lived a king and a queen. The king was born into the royal family and did not understand what the outside world was like. The queen also did not know what life in the outside world was like and how the ordinary people lived.
At the same time, the people of the Kingdom were in serious poverty, with nothing but breadcrumbs and a sip of water to consume everyday. The monarchs did not understand why the people were complaining, they had never experienced what being Hungry was like since everything was being delivered straight to them whether it may be grapes or a full feast. They heard the people complaining that they had no water so their only response was " if you don't have water, then why not just drink milk?" This made the people very mad.
Months passed by and the people were busy planning a great new way to get the king and queen's attention. Finally ,after a lot of preparation, they decided to rebel and demand to be treated equally and fairly. As the days passed by, the anger bubbled inside the people until one day, so much anger was trapped inside them, they had to express their feeling straight out. That's when the first rebel happened.
These rebels had been going on for years. The monarchs were no longer allowed to rule and were replaced by a new prince and princess. The people now had their fair share of food now and no more trouble was caused. As for the old king and queen, they were banished from the kingdom.


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lola I really like your descrptive language, well done.
tanisha aneja good one

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