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The Boy and the Dog

Rakesh was a little boy who was very fond of pets. But his parents refused to keep a pet. One day Rakesh went to a park and there he saw a little puppy lying behind the slide. He lifted the puppy in his hands and walked to the end of the park. He said, "Today onwards I will keep this puppy, Fluffy is the right name for this puppy". He returned home with the puppy, but his parents refused to keep it. So he kept Fluffy out of the house. The puppy gave a cry.
At midnight a thief entered the area. The thief climbed on the roof of Rakesh's house. Fluffy slowly raised his head and saw the thief. It started barking loudly. The whole family came out and saw the thief. Rakesh's father called the police. Police came and congratulated little fluffy.Rakesh's father said,"Thankyou for saving our house from theft, you are the new member of our family". Rakesh was very happy.

B.E.L. Primary School

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