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The Intelligent Thirsty Crow

A crow wandered for long in search of water. He saw a small abandoned hut and a pot outside the hut. The crow came down to see if there was any water in the pot. Luckily, there was some water in the pot. However, the crow was not able to reach the water from the rim, because there was very little water at the bottom of the pot.
He remembered his grandmother telling a story about how one of his ancestors threw some small stones into a pot and drank water. Now this crow was more intelligent than any other crow of his times. The crow did some maths to confirm if the water would come up if he filled the pot with small stones up to the brim. The crow realised that the total volume of airspace between the small stones would be larger than the total volume of water in the pot. Therefore, he concluded that the water would never come up, and that the story about his ancestor was a hoax.
After this extensive analysis, the crow was even more thirsty. Now he did not have the patience to look for alternatives. He chose a stone small enough to lift it and big enough to break the pot. He flew up with the stone and dropped it from high. The pot broke into pieces and a few pieces had some water in them. The crow drank from one of the broken pieces, and left that place happily.

G. J. Solomon Prabhakar

Words of Appreciation

Y. Jayasree I liked the way you think. It was so different and fantastic. Many of us just remember the story as was told to us. Thanks for the new story.

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