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The Magic Brush

Once there was a boy named Suresh who was poor. He was an excellent artist. He drew many canvas paintings and was appreciated by many. But there was a problem. He used animal products such as a brush. It only lasted for a day.
One day while returning from school he saw a brush and a paper. On the paper it was written 'Utilize it. Use fully'. At once he took the brush. He drew a bird, a rabbit and a squirrel. All the animals came real. Suresh was surprised. Now he drew useful articles and gave it to the poor.
As years passed by, the king also knew about this. The greedy king invited Suresh and asked him to draw diamonds. It came real, but the king was not satisfied. He
made him draw many things, but none could satisfy the king. He snatched the brush and drew a golden stick. But it came out to be a snake.
The king was red with anger. He threw Suresh into prision. But Suresh had already thought of a trick. He decorated the prison with many articles. The king saw it and came into the prison. But when he reached the prison everything
vanished and Suresh was out of prison. He was followed by a couple of soldiers. He drew a river and put it between him and the soldiers. He reached the village and then lived happily ever after.
Moral: Help the poor.

Story by R. Manoj Kumar

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