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The Face of the Alien King

Once upon a time there was a young rich girl named Ashley. She had a great interest in astronomy. One day she asks her father to take her to space in her rainbow rocket. While travelling she saw an orangish red coloured planet which had markings that looked like a manís face. She understood that the planet was not yet discovered because she had never seen it in her planets chart. She asked her father to land immediately.
When they landed they saw aliens! They had 2 antennas, long eyes, star shaped nose and a tiny smiling mouth. They were delighted to have visitors come over to their planet. They asked one of the aliens to get something. The alien came back carrying something on a tray which they gave to Ashley. It looked like a fruit punch but tasted like coke (Even aliens drink coke!). But, she could sniff out something wrong. She found herself talking with the aliens. But can she talk in their language? Thatís when she realized that the drink could help her speak alienese.
As she sat trying to get used to the idea of being with aliens and speaking alienese, she saw the king and queen of the planet. She recognized that the face of the king of the aliens was exactly like the markings on the planet. They started speaking to her and asking many questions. She realized that whichever planet one lives in, elders ask the same questions, except for one question in this case ďWhich planet are you from?Ē

S. Tushita Reddy

Words of Appreciation

Diana Smith A superb story, Tushita! Well done. -Ms Diana
Y Narayana Reddy Great story!
Siddhi Sharma One good turn deserves another. Androcles was a slave. Once, he ran away from his cruel master. While he was wandering this forest, he came across the lion near a cave. The lion roared loudly and Androcles was scared. But it made no move to attack him. Androcles went closer and saw that the lion's leg was bleeding. There was a huge thorn in it.The lion was actually roaring in pain. Androcles felt sorry for the lion. He went near it and gentaly pulled out the thorn. He thore. He tore up a part of his tunic and bandaged the lion's leg. Then he went away. A few day later, Androcles was caught by his master and sentenced to fit a lion in an arena. On the day of the fight, Androcles was pushed into the arena. it reach towards Antrocles , ready to tear him to pieces. But when it came close, it stopped suddenly. Slowly it moved towards Androcles and sat quietly by his feet . then to the astonishment of the crowd the lion began licking his feet. The lion had recognize Androcles. It was the same lion whom Androcles had been kind to on the forest. The master realized that Androcles was not only brave but also kind. He set him free.

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