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The Clever King

Once a king, named Ling, became very old and was thinking of choosing his successor.
He called some of his best generals- Salim, Akash, Anjay and Ramin.
The King said “I will choose one of you as my successor, but you have to perform one duty.” The King gave each one of them a seed and told them to take care of the seed, water the seed and show him after a year. Everyone took the seed home and planted them.
After one month everyone were talking the way the seed had grown. Ramin was very excited and went to see his crop. But nothing grew, Ramin felt very sad. Two months ,three months passed away, but Ramin's pot was fully barren.
After a year every one brought their pots and kept the beautiful plants in orderly manner to show to the King. Ramin was ashamed to keep his barren pot beside those beautiful plants. Some plants even had buds and flowers. Everyone in the palace were laughing at his pot. Ramin was trying to hide himself behind a pillar.
When the King came to the palace. The King said “What beautiful flowers you all have grown.” The King spotted Raman hiding behind a pillar. The King called Raman and asked, “Why is your pot empty”?
Raman said sadly, “I took care of the plant. I watered it daily but it still did not grow".
The King said “Well done Ramin. You are my successor.”
The other generals were surprised and asked, “How did he become the successor without even being able to grow a plant”?
The King said “I had given you boiled seeds. When you saw nothing is growing from the seed you all slowly changed the seeds and told that it had grown a plant. That is why Ramin is the most suitable person to become a King in the future”.
“Ramin, you are the future king of this empire, because of the honesty shown by you. Wishing a very successful journey to the future.”

Kaushik Mullick
Class- IV
Little Flower School
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

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