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The Rich man and the Beggar

Once a beggar came to ask for shelter at the door of a rich man. "Go away", the rich man shouted and sent him away. 'How cruel! If someone does this to him, then he will realise his mistake', saying this he went away. After few years, the business of the rich man became low and he faced a heavy loss. At last he was left with nothing. He was left with no choice except begging and asking for shelter. But no one gave him shelter. One day he knocked at the house of a rich man and asked for food and shelter. When he saw the beggar he said " I have to repay you for something, please come in." The beggar got confused but went in. He ate a lot of food and slept very comfortably. In morning before going he asked the rich man what he had done for him so he told that he was the same beggar to whom he had not given shelter long before. Someone took me to his house and gave me food. He was looking for someone to work in his company so he gave me an opportunity to join his company. Like this I became rich but if you would have given me shelter I would have remained like that only.

Vishal Ahuja
Bhavan Vidyalaya

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