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The Mysterious lights

The night was pitch dark, the seas were raging white, as I made my way to the creepy cottage at Havelock Island in Andaman. I, along with my family, was staying at a resort and we had booked two cottages. In one of them were staying my father, mother, and sister, as it was three bedded. I was the one who had dared to sleep alone in the other one!
As I ascended the staircase to my cottage I recalled the stories about ghosts haunting the place at night.
‘Rubbish! How can ghosts exist?’ I said to myself. But as I entered the room, my bones started quivering. I could hear a distant howl from somewhere. But I reassured myself that, “there are no such things as ghosts”.
Now, I made the bed and got ready to sleep. I moved the curtains and switched off the lights and went to bed. No sooner had I closed my eyes than, to my astonishment –the light was switched on! I thought maybe I really did not switch off the lights and I was quite tired as well. So I got up again and switched the lights off. But my goodness! They were ON again.
‘Is anybody there?’ I called out. No response. I felt my heart was in my mouth! But I picked up a flashlight (and courage!) and proceeded to switch the light off again. As I switched them off I aimed the flashlight around to find out the culprit.
I really could not believe my eyes at what I was watching: a big lizard coming up from behind the curtains and crawling over the switch which turned the light on. As for now, the problem was solved and I could have a peaceful slumber.
I just stood there as a smile came upon my face.

Arko Gupta

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