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A cow with a magical cap

Once, some hunters came to hunt in a village. When they were looking out for animals, they saw a herd of cows in the fields. When they went near the fields, the cows heard the sounds of the hunters and started running towards its owners. But one of them was lost in the forest and the hunters were scared to go into the forest. When the cow was crying, it found a magic cap. But it did not know that.
Without knowing that it put that on its head, then it went in search of the village. At last, it reached the village. That night, when it was sleeping, it saw a dream. In the dream it was eating its favorite grass in the fields. Next day, when it woke up, it saw its favorite grass, which it saw in its dream last night. Then it knew that it was the power of the magic cap.
From that day, it was very proud of the cap and was very selfish. That night, again when it was sleeping, instead of good dream it got a bad dream. In the bad dream, a lion was chasing it. Next morning, the bad dream came into true life. A lion chased the cow and it lost its life to the lion. From that day, none of cows took any strange things.

M.Kiran Seshi
VI 'A'
Ajjanur, Coimbatore.

Words of Appreciation

Manju Very nice story Kiran :) These thoughts came to my mind after reading this - There are no shortcuts to achieve one's dreams. Hard work is the only magical cap that makes dreams come true.
prashant There is no short cut to success.

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