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The Tornado

Tornado means a storm which goes round and round. Believe me, I was once stuck in St. Louis in a tornado when I had gone on a school trip! I wish to narrate the story.
I had once gone to St. Louis for a school trip. I was not very excited as there was nothing much to do there. But thank God we were allowed to take our Ipads and there was a T.V. in our room. When we reached there, our teacher started giving us a lecture. I was getting bored so I asked her “Miss, may I go to the washroom?’, She replied “Yes but only in your room”. I was extremely happy. I thought let me take my Ipod along with me. I went back to the lecture room when Miss said” We are going to the museum”. I was listening the the I-pod when suddenly it got disconnected and the car stopped!! Everybody started running here and there. When we asked why, Miss replied “We are stuck in a tornado!!” I asked Miss;”Why are people going to the basement of their homes?”She replied “To escape from the tornado”. We all hid under a broken hut and stuck together.
Suddenly I became very brave and I went running behind the Tornado. I loved this as a game.! It was almost going to pull me in when it just started getting fainter and fainter. So I was finally saved!
Upon returning home, I told my mom about this incident and she told me “ I will never send you for a school trip again!”
And you know what? I won a bravery award also from the school for facing the tornado!!

Sunayana Jain
10 years
Smt. RSB Arya Vidya Mandir,

Words of Appreciation

A.K.Thara Sunil Kumar I dont believe this story.

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