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The Ungrateful Man

Once upon a time there lived a poor family of Brahmans. They were absolutely penniless and had to go hungry almost daily. One night the head of the family (the father) decided to leave the house and try his luck in the city. He took some rice cakes along with him. At night after walking for miles he felt so tired and thirsty. He saw a well nearby. He went there and to his surprise there was a Monkey, a Snake, a Tiger and a man. The Monkey said,” Please get me out of here. I will help you whenever you need me. Just call out my name, Vanararaj. When you call me I will emerge in front of you immediately.” Hearing this the Brahman immediately pulled the monkey out of the well. The monkey went away telling him not to remove the man as he is a cheat. Then the snake said,” Please remove me out too. Even I will surely help you when you are in trouble. Just call out my name, Sarparaj. I will come the very moment.” Then the man said,” No, I am sorry I can’t bring you out because you may bite me.” Then the snake said,” I will never do that.” So, the man pulled the snake out. The snake also slithered away saying that not to remove the man as he is a cheat. Then the tiger pleaded to remove him. His name was Vyaghraraj. The tiger also went away saying that not to remove the man as he is a cheat. But after they all went the Brahman decided to remove him out too. After that the man said,” I am a goldsmith and I live in the city of Madurai.”He rested under a tree and slept there that night. The next day he resumed his journey forgetting the previous day’s incident. He decided to test his new friends. He called Vanararaj. Suddenly Vanararaj appeared before him. The Brahman thought that this is a nice opportunity to get some food for his further journey and told Vanararaj that,” He is in need of some food for his journey to the town. Vanararaj immediately jumped on a tree that was his home, and brought down a big bundle that was full of fruits. He said, “Take this bundle of fruits and go. There are enough fruits for one complete year in this.” So, Vanararaj left. Then after going some distance he called on Vyaghraraj and he appeared before him. The man said that he is in need of some money. When Vyaghraraj heard this he quickly went in his cave and came out with a lot of jewels and precious stones. He said,” I found this when I hunted a man. Take this and you can become rich.” Saying so, even he left. Taking the treasure he straight went to Madurai where the goldsmith lived. He asked the goldsmith,” Please tell what price will make a good suit to this entire lot of treasure if I sell it.” The goldsmith said, “Let me take a look at it.” Saying so, he rushed to the royal palace. Co-incidentally the prince had been killed by Vyaghraraj and the jewels given to the Brahman were his. The goldsmith went to the court and bowed low to the king and said, “Your majesty! I have found the culprit who killed our prince and even have the proof.” The king got very angry when he heard this and ordered the culprit to be brought here. He sent some of his soldiers along with the goldsmith. The goldsmith took the soldiers to the place where the Brahman was waiting. The soldiers took him by force in front of the king without even telling him for what they were taking him away. On seeing him the king immediately ordered to arrest him. In the jail the Brahman was cursing his luck as he was innocent. Suddenly he saw Sarparaj. He asked the Brahman,” Why he was arrested?” the Brahman narrated whatever had happened and asked Sarparaj for help. After this Sarparaj said,” OK. I will help you. But you will have to do as I say. The Brahman said,” I am ready to do anything. “Then Sarparaj said,” Now do what I say. I will go to the princess’s chamber and bite her when she is sleeping. No one will be able to cure her. Then you tell the king that you are a great physician in your village and are willing to try to cure her. The king will surely agree. Then you go to her chamber and place your right hand on her forehead. Then she will wake up. Then the king will reward you for curing her. Then you can tell the truth and get that man arrested in place of you.” That night the snake bit the princess king made many schemes to reward the person who cures the princess. The Brahman told the king that he was a good physician in his village and also wanted to try to cure the princess. The king agreed. He went to the princess’s chamber and placed his right hand on her forehead. The princess woke up. The king was impressed and rewarded the Brahman. Then the Brahman told whatever had happened and got the goldsmith arrested. The king also gave the prince’s jewels to him and many more gifts too. He sent some of his soldiers to carry the jewels and gifts. He returned home with all the wealth he had got and even started a new business. They lived happy ever after that and never ever had to go hungry.

Pranav Karve

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Josephin In this Story Very Use full in my life.

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