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Naughty Chinku

In a forest there was a cat named Chinku. He was so cute with white fur but was very naughty. He did not listen to his parents and did not like to go to school. He wasted time by hurting others. His parents were upset with his behavior and warned him several times to change his attitude. But Chinku did not bother. Since, their efforts in amending Chinkuís behavior did not work out, they thought of giving him a punishment. So, next morning they sent Chinku out of home. Naughty Chinku roamed here and there, and finally reached outskirts of the forest. He felt hungry as his mother was not there to feed him. That evening, he entered into Bunty, the bearís house and drank milk without the knowledge of Bunty. He repeated the same daily. One day, Bunty came to know about the playful activities of Chinku. One day, as usual Chinku came to drink the milk. But this time Bunty caught him and brought him to the king of the forest for justice. After hearing all the mischievous acts of Chinku, the King ordered the soldiers to send Chinku out of the forest.
Now Chinku started experiencing the real problems. He was very sad and scared to stay alone in the busy town. One day, two children passing by the road saw Chinku and took him to their house. Unfortunately, Chinku was caged by the children for their pleasure. Little Chinku was scared and started weeping remembering his parents. But the children were playing with Chinku by pinching, pouring water, etc. Chinku realized his mistakes. Chinku somehow escaped from the cage and reached his house the same night. He apologized to his parents for all his misdeeds. Chinkuís mother hugged him and forgived him. Even the king permitted him to live in the forest with a condition that he would never create any sort of problem again. From then Chinku lived happily with his parents.

Moral: Learn to obey parents to be successful in life

C. Thushar,
5th D
Bhavanís Sri Venkateswara Vidhyalaya
Tirupati, AP

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