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Love for Animals

Ruth was a small girl who loved animals. One day while returning from school she saw some boys throwing stones on a poor little Kitten. She went and stopped them. She took the bleeding kitten in her arms and took her home. She gave it proper first aid and cleaned it well. She wanted to keep the kitten as her pet but was afraid of her Mom.
That evening her mother found that Ruth was behaving differently and asked her, “What’s the matter dear? Tell me. “ Ruth told her about everything that had happened in the day and told her about the kitten.
Her mother permitted her to keep the Kitten as her pet. She was very happy. She thanked her mother and also named her new pet ‘Mime’.

Mufarrah Mukallil

Words of Appreciation

neeraj ghorpade This story tells us that we should not be cruel to animals.

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