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Raju and the Thief

Once there was a small boy named Raju. One day he dreamt that some thieves were robbing his house. He immediately woke up and ran to his mother. His mother said, ďWhere are the thieves here? Thatís just a dream, Raju.Ē But Raju was scared.
After some time, the thief really came and took all the jewellery from the cupboard and left silently. Next day it was Rajuís birthday. Everyone woke up and was busy with the party arrangements. His mother opened the cupboard and was shocked to see that there was no jewellery in it.
They went to the police station and gave a complaint to them, narrating what had happened. The police caught the thief with great difficulty. The police told the thief ďIf someone comes and takes your jewellery on your sonís birthday, how would you feel?Ē Listening to that, the thief felt bad and realized his mistake. Then he went to Rajuís house and returned all the jewellery. Later they felt happy and celebrated Rajuís birthday very grandly. They also invited the thief who promised never to rob again and worked hard to earn money.

Ashritha Damera
Bhavans Public School
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

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