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Need of a Friend

Annie was a small girl. She was weak and fell sick very often. Hence the doctors had advised her to remain at home. Her parents had arranged a ‘Home teacher’ so that she should complete her education in her own home.
But Annie wanted a friend. A friend who could play with her, get tired with her, understand her and many more other qualities. Her parents decided to bring a pet for her.
Few days later they brought a pet dog named “Tommy” for Annie . Annie was very happy but not Tommy. He used to be get angry on her, bark at her or even try to hurt her.
One day Annie got very high fever. Her parents got worried. The house was silent and dull. Tommy was lonely, he went in the garden over there he saw the red ball which used to be always in her hand , then he went in Annie’s room where she lay on her bed. Tommy ran towards her and started licking her. This woke up Annie . A little voice came “Is it you Tommy?” Tommy was quiet for a moment . “You want to apologize for your rude behevior! OH TOMMY “ she hugged Tommy tightly and started crying and then said “ I knew that I will get a best friend like you”
From that day Annie never fell ill and Tommy was never rude to Annie.

Mufarrah Mukallil

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