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A trip to future

Wow! How thrilling! What a moving adventure it was.
I suddenly came to a barren land. All I saw was a reddish sky, a treeless area and a few short and spout people moving around. There I was not alone. Venus , Sunny and Komal were also with me(Angel). We all were scared. We were in a very strange place. A place we had never been to. All the people moving around us seemed to be strangers. Then we saw two people resembling two of our friends. So komal said “ hey look Aakanksha and Avijit.” we all said yes but they looked a bit strange. So I said ”yeah but they have wrinkled faces”. We could not understand what it was then suddenly venus saw a strange thing in front of a shop. So she shouted out ”oh no look, its written happy new year 2070”. Then I said how is it possible ? This means we are in future. But from which year have we come from?”. So Sunny added ”I don’t know. But the question is how did we come here? Is it really the year 2070?.” None of us knew what was happening. Then we called out Avijit and Aakanksha and introduced ourselves. Then Avijit said ”what a co-incidence, even we have friends named angel, venus, komal and sunny. They are just like you.” Komal added ”Yes and their faces resemble too.”
Then we told them that somehow we had come a few years ahead time and the friends they have are we at an old age. Hearing this they laughed out aloud and said ”what do you want from us? What can we do for you?” then I said ”please can you tell us about all the changes in the past 30-40 years? Can you take us to our homes?” In reply, Aakanksha said ”yes sure why not we would take you to Komal’s house first.” We all were very eager to go there. We went there and we got to know that people had no water and food. They lived only on pills. They had pills which constituted water as well as food. Then I and Sunny asked ”why don’t they drink water and eat food? Are they fond of looking pale?” so Aakanksha said ”no its not that actually these days there are no plantations so the scientists have invented food pills as a substitute for food.” “Oh.. So advanced!! And what about water?” I asked. In response to that, Avijit said, ”The water started selling at the price of gold, so scientists created water tablets too.”
Soon ahead in Sunny’s verandah we saw some children flying to school in a space saucer, who were loaded not with a school bag, but with advanced technology gadgets and laptops. There was more traffic in the air than on the road. Each one walking on the road wore a set of A/c jackets. There we saw that there were flying and 3d newspapers which were made on transparent sheets. This all was above our expectations. Sunny said ”Oh wow what a fabulous advancement!! I had never even thought about all this.”
Then we reached Venus’s house there we saw artificial plants. Aakanksha said ” Venus always wishes to have original plants in her house. She is fed up of seeing green colour only on clothes”
After that while roaming around we reached a school. It had no playgrounds, no grass and no swings. Their life was boring and full of gadgets.
We all watched my house hiding behind the window. We heard the children saying ”Dad teacher taught us about rain in the class but we did not understand it can you explain it to us?” Their father said “yes sure” and started explaining. Meanwhile we heard the word freeky tree land from the father so we asked Avijit about it. So he said ”nowadays there are hardly any trees left. There are maximum 1-3 tree in a state. All other trees have been cut and those places are replaced by sky scrapers. And so the area with trees is known as freaky tree land or tree land.” Then venus asked ”why are these big children asking about rain?” Aakanksha replied “As there are no trees left rains have become a history of the world.” She said ”They are taught about rain in 7th class.”At that time we got very embarrassed. I said “how shameful, we cut all the trees and so now our young generation has to bear a life without trees.”
Now all of us were fed up of being there. We were scared that we would have to live at that place for whole of our life. We were very upset. Then suddenly a miracle happened and a man came and asked us ”Hey kids how was the trip to 2070? Do you want to live or go back?”We all were surprised. Then Venus asked ”sir, who are you? Where are you from?how do you know us?”Komal said “sir do you know where are we from?” Venus said “can you take us back?”
Then the man replied”yes children, I know you. You are my neighbours. you are 59 years ahead time. You came here by my time machine(tima mania). It was my new invention. You all came in while I was about to launch it. This is my first invention and it is successful. Now lets go back to 2011. It is much better. Come on in my time machine.” We all were very excited to go back. But as soon as the time machine started I shook and woke up and realized that it was a dream. Then I thanked god for bringing me back . Now I ask you that what future do you want? A barren and treeless one or a greeny and happy one. And I would like to conclude by saying that be careful, Improve your present to have a better future. May it not be that you need to invent an actual time machine and need to go to your past to improve your present.
Preserve Nature Save future.

Angel Pandhi
Bhavan Vidyalaya

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