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Roffy an Alien, My Best Friend

Once upon a time I was going to the market. I was in hurry. So I took a short-cut. Nobody was there in that road. Suddenly an UFO landed in front of me and an alien came out of the UFO. He had four eyes, two heads and ten hands. I got scared looking at him.
He said, "Don’t be afraid of me. I will not hurt you."
I asked him his name.
His name was Roffy. He asked ‘will you help me to repair my UFO?’
‘Yes, I will. I have some tools, which you can use for repairing your UFO.’
He repaired his UFO in five minutes. Then Roffy asked me ‘Will you like to travel in my UFO?’
‘Sure, I will.’
Then I sat in the UFO and we left the Earth. In the space, I saw many planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and many more. Suddenly he asked my name. I told him, “My name is Kaushik Mullick”. He wanted me to meet all his friends. We landed on one planet and met his friends. His friends name was Rocky, Vill, Sourt and Couddy. They asked Roffy ‘Where did I come from?’
Roffy said ‘He is from the earth.’
All of us travelled the whole planet and saw each and every place. I told Roffy ‘I have to go home soon’.
Then Roffy said "Don’t worry, We will reach earth soon."
We reached earth soon. I said good bye to Roffy and returned home happily. I told the story to my parents. But that story was actually a dream.

Kaushik Mullick
Std: III
Little Flower School,

Words of Appreciation

Arun Good
mahdeeya So nice. The story was awesome.
aparna anil kumar Very Expressive!
prajakta Nice!

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