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The Day Ariya Got Lost

Ariya was a small little rabbit who lived with his parents in Bunny Land. He had lot of friends. His best friend was Nina. Ariya loved his life in Bunny Land. He also loved going to school. One day there was a surprise waiting for him at school. Mrs. Rabbit, his teacher said “Children we are going on a picnic tomorrow to the big red forest. Your parents are invited too. But one word of advice “Please stick close to your parents or the teachers, as the forest is very big and you could easily get lost.” Ariya and his friends were very happy.
On the day of the picnic everybody was excited. As they reached the big red forest by bus, their excitement was boundless. Initially Ariya was a good little bunny playing close to his classmates and their parents, but gradually without realizing it he wandered off alone.
Around lunchtime, Ariya suddenly realized that he was lost. He started crying. He did not know what to do. He just sat there quietly crying softly. Suddenly he could hear Nina’s voice shouting aloud ”Ariya are you out there”. He jumped up and started running in the direction of the voice yelling back “I am here Nina”. Nina and her parents found him and took him back to the picnic site. Everyone was happy that Ariya was found. Hurray! there was peace back in Bunny Land.

Rohin Roy

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