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The Magical Rollercoaster

Sam, a boy studying in the first standard saw a board while going to school. It was written “Mountain Climbing” on the board. He asked his friends; “Is it dangerous”? His friends told him that it indeed was very dangerous. They also told him that whoever went there, never came back. But Sam was a brave boy and he did not get scared. So when he came home from school, he set off for mountain climbing. He took his mountain climbing equipment, a coat his mother had gifted him, a hammer, a rope and a flag. His name was written on the flag. He reached the base of the mountain and before he started climbing, he met his friends who had come to wish him luck. They gave him their photos, a beautiful puppet and a necklace with God’s pendant.
With all their blessings and good wishes, Sam started climbing the mountain. While he was climbing, he saw a seat of a roller coaster on the mountain and on the next mountain as well. He was surprised. Luckily, both the mountains were connected. So he took out his rope and fixed it onto a rock. Then he threw the rope towards the other mountain and tried to hook it to the rock there. Finally he did it! On reaching the other mountain, he saw some tools. So he tried to join both the seats with the main rollercoaster and was successful. As he was about to leave, a loud voice came from the rollercoaster ; “Thank You”. Sam got scared. The roller coaster said “Do not be scared by friend. I will help you to reach the mountain top”. Sam was very happy. Before they went, the roller coaster asked him; “Do you want to see the whole world from the top?” “ Yes I want to!” Sam said.
So Sam saw many beautiful things like the Taj Mahal, the Gateway of India and lush greenery. When he laughed “Ha Ha Ha”, his voice echoed back. After sometime, the roller coaster said “Now let’s go to the mountain top”. When they finally reached the top of the mountain, Sam shouted “Yoohoo” with excitement and hoisted his flag there.
But after a while, Sam looked sad and upset. When the rollercoaster asked him why, he replied “Now how will I go down”? The rollercoaster assured him that he would take him down and so off they went down in super speed. Sam thanked the roller coaster. The roller coaster decided to stay with Sam and they lived happily ever after.

Sunayana Jain
Grade 4
Smt. RSB Arya Vidya Mandir,
Juhu, Mumbai

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