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Smiling Woman

Long ago there was an old lady who was always in tears. One day a monk asked her, “Why are you always in tears?” The woman replied, “One of my daughters is married to an umbrella seller while the other is married to a noodle maker. When it is sunny, I feel sorry for the daughter married to the umbrella seller as I know that her husband will not be able to sell any umbrellas that day. If it is cloudy and looks like it is going to rain, I feel sorry for the other daughter as noodles have to be dried in the sun. In these areas, it is either cloudy or rainy. That is the reason why I am always sad.”
To this the monk replied, “As a matter of fact you are one of the fortunate few who can be happy at all the times. The next time it rains think of the daughter married to the umbrella seller and when it is sunny think of the daughter married to the noodle maker. Take delight in their happiness.” The woman did as the monk advised and from then on nobody ever saw her with a sad face.

Sunaina Agarwal
Bhavans Public school,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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