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Tongue Twister by Divij

1) Bitty bought some butter,
But the butter was bitter.
So she bought some better butter,
To make the bitter butter better.

2) Black background,
Brown background.

Divij N Shah
10 yrs

Words of Appreciation

kanika madan Awesome
Shaurya My tongue twister- If you notice this notice you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing.
Priya Great! Divij, try this toungue twister too - She sells sea shells on the sea shore. Does she sell sea shells on the sea shore? If she sells sea shells on the sea shore, then the sea shells she sells are sea shore sea shells. It took me a few days to master it. Good luck to you!
abhi cool
tanisha let me try-: dear cat come here dear cat go to boss cat and bring a fish for me u cat come dear cat and give it to me cat
Ruby Mark Hey! Awesome Tongue Twitter!!! 😎 I loved it.. 🙂😗

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