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Riddles by Vinod

1. Which war took place because of a piece of rope?
Ans. Tug of War

2. What did the oil merchant get when he put his hands in a pot of oil?
Ans. Palm Oil

3. What light does a leopard use?
Ans. Sport-light

4. Which bishop does not pray?
Ans. The one on the chess board.

5. What has a nose but canít breathe?
Ans. An Aeroplane

6. What cap does a skeleton wear?
Ans. Skull Cap

7. Which well is the deepest but does not give any water?
Ans. Oil Well

Sathvik Vinod
B.V.B Calicut

Words of Appreciation

suman very nice. I like it.
rupsha m Cool riddles!!! I might try quite a few of them on my friends.
rupsha m Cool riddles! I liked it....
Alisha sahare,std. 7th JCD,SADAR,NAGPUR Riddles are very good. They really help trigger our mind. During tea time ,I along with my parents spend some time on these types of riddles.
Alisha Sahare std. 7th,JCD,SADAR,Nagpur Riddles are very teasing which refresh my mind if I pay attention to it. Thank u riddles

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