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Maths is Fun

1) If you take a pen and draw a square on an uninflated balloon, what will the square look like when you blow up the balloon?
a) Cube b) Square. c) Circle d) rectangle
Ans: Square.

2) White cat eats more than white dog. Black cat eats more than white cat. Black cat eats less than black dog which makes the most economical pet?
a) White dog. b) white cat c) black dog d ) black cat

Ans: Whitedog

3) Veena wanted to go for the show at 6.30 in the evening. She left home and went to her friendís house at 4.45PM. She took 35min to reach there. She spent 20min in her house & both the friendís left for the show. They reached there in 40min. Are they late or before the time? By how many minutes?
a) 10 min late b) 10 min before c) on time d) 5 min early

Ans: 10 min before.

Mrs. Arunasree Ganti
Maths Teacher
Bhavan's Public School,
Jubilee hills, Hyderabad.

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udita It is very good for kids. It will be good if it has games.

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