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A train leaves Delhi for Mumbai. An hour later another
train leaves Mumbai for Delhi. They are both travelling at the
same speed. When they meet, which train will be closer to Delhi?

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Both will be at the same distance from Delhi
The Train from Delhi
No idea.

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abhaya I want a puzzle on positive impact of television on viewers
k.deepti reddy It would be nice if you would keep puzzles on history or social or interesting things
bharath manjesh It would be nice if you put more puzzles
MANI BIDHURI Ya, it would be naturally nice if you put more puzzles.
CHINTU Both is same distance to Delhi
Y SURESH BABU Please give more puzzles so that left brain will be more activated.
Verkha Looking for more such puzzles. Thanks
Shakti Waiting for more such puzzles.
bharath Please give me some Maths Puzzles.
aditi chaudhary Please add puzzles about optical illusions
Sandeep This is very interesting column. Awaiting for more puzzles
shashank It is not nice but ok.
praneetha Please give some maths puzzles to solve
sakshi pahujani It is a very interesting column and also full of knowledge.
amit sehgal It is very nice n interesting column and gives knowledge to young students, you should include more Puzzles to it.
vandana I enjoy every page of your site. It is really superb. Do continue to publish many riddles, jokes, puzzles etc...
kruti Waiting for more good work
anvay grover It really confused me.Good one
minal Pperfectly good!!
Rithika Didn't need a thought. Give difficult ones next time.
whitney crimley This is a very nice site for kids.
Varshini This was too easy.
anu Too easy but keep it up Sunita.
Avani kalambe It totally confused me.Good one Sunita 👍👍👍👍👍

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