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Riddles For Fun

By: Jinal V Shah
Dr.S Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya

1) What starts with T,
ends with T and
is Full of T?

Ans:- Teapot.

2) I wear Green Shirt,
Brown pant who am I?
Ans:- Tree.

Words of Appreciation

disha I am yellow from outside and white from inside, who am I? ans banana
anand It is very innovative
Princessa! I'm green from outside, red from inside, and I have black and white soldiers, who am I? Ans: Watermelon
aimz anand is that you
Rabiya I am white from outside and white and yellow from inside, Who am I? ANS:Egg
yashuraghu A very good thought
Gayatri Sagdeo I like riddles very much and these riddles are meaningful. But I think that they are very easy.
nijad There are many many..... oh I dont know a thing that I'm supposed to know.
dhirsti .n.jain I have one eye , three leg's . who 'm I ? TABLE .
rekha It was very nice. I like riddles.
me If a man carried my burden He would break his back. I am not rich, But leave silver in my track.
Hemal k.Akhani Give 100 words which do not contain letter "a" answer-one to hundred
shafali Which is the room that we cannot enter? answer:mushroom
ravi It is Good. Keep it up.
bhavana Which gate we cannot enter? Colgate
Savitha Name a word which contains 100 or more letters. A Post Box
kalpana Hemal, I like your riddle the best.
Sanchita Seth Why was the Banana so alone? Ans: Because it was akela!!!
Mohammed Farooque Please send me riddles or puzzles.
Shruthi what do you call a surgeon with 8 arms? ans:A Doctopus
Ankita Mehani Its awsome,good,keep it up.
poorva Hey I liked these riddles but some answers and questions were not meaningful.
anushree What runs around the garden yet stays still? Ans: A fence Anushree
sinchana cool!
ritesh Smashing!
harini I liked all the riddles.

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