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A Tongue Twister

By: Tharakeshweri Rangaraj

A confusion has confused my mind which is already confused with some confusion. I don't know why this confusion had confused my confused mind. If my confusion has confused your mind then try to get a solution for my confusion to rectify my confused mind. If my confused article didn't confuse you then be happy thinking that a confused article didn't confuse you, which really confused me. If you are confused on reading this confused article then try to find a solution to your confusion. CONFUSING ISN'T IT?

Words of Appreciation

Shailendra Ojha I am confused how I should remark this confused article. I am sure you are also confused that I have confused myself reading this confused article written by a confused man.
Czrlisa byrne I think this description of tongue twister poems are good should have a history on it. Good joy everyone working there
Ankita Mehani She sells sea shells by the sea shore. The shells she sells are surely sea shells, so does she sell shells on the sea shore, I'm sure she sells seashore shells.
Prerna Manian I wish to wish the wish you wish but if you wish to wish the wish what the witch wishes, I dont want to wish the wish you wish to wish.
kvk pranita Very Nice.
Harsh Awesome!!!
jenn Where's the history on it? I'm doing a project on it and I need to know the history.
niraj nimesh Fabulous!!! But I have not got confused. Give something more confusing.
RAJ It is true that we got confused, but confusion cannot confuse us if we don't confuse and let the confusion be confused rather than confusing into the confusion.
namrata Marvellous!
AYUSHA Good!!!!! but very confusing
mahitha Beautiful!
pooja it is good enough to confuse the mind
SRI Confusing. No way!
SRI Very Smart.
Kriti This confused person has confused my mind with this confusing poem. Keep it up!
anu very confusing
monia Very nice article. And I am not confused after reading this article.
chetana Its really a good tongue twister.
NIVEDITA It is a very nice article.
sanjana It is a very good tongue twister but I think there are more tongue twisters which is more better compare to this.
yashini very good idea
sinchana Of course confusing!!!!!!!!
asif Very nice & confusing!
haripriya It's really cool, confusing and too good!!!!
Haripriya EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!
Nad123 I love tongue twisters! Im so good at saying them and im 13, i really liked the 'confusing' tongue twister you said, i understood it though i absolutely loved it! The fastest tongue twister I can say is betty botter, and i say it in 6 seconds, lol, practice makes perfect! bye
gaurav Excellent!
annu very good toungue twisters. It is really nice.
kaavya VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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