Digital Dimdima


Fun time

Sudiksha Patil,
Kurla, Mumbai

Why did the chewing gum cross the road?
Because it was stuck on to the man's leg.

What is white and always cries?
A Candle

Words of Appreciation

ash Funny
Hermione You can also send some mysterious stories and give a guide on the first slide of your website. You can also arrange some applications for the membership of the visitors.
Aparna & Amala I like your puzzles and stories. You can improve much more. Also please don't repeat the stories again.
HARSH I really like your games. Puzzles are also very interesting.
DHIRSTI. awesome!
Arjita It is okay.
vandhana good!!!!!!!!!!!
POOJA It is fine.
vikrant GREAT
Anu okay.
Kriti It's good and very nice. Make some fairy stories and this is my best site always!
mahitha A candle is not always white in colour I suppose! Any way its nice.
Mahima Please improve
samyuktha&rishi It's just ok.
sinchu sarji Ha Ha Ha !!!
mahima It's FANTASTIC.

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