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How would I know about my destination
With no guiding compass
Or anyone to know the way to me
I thought I was lost forever
In a deep, dark world
But a light of hope shone in me
A Hope to see the light of the day
And so I run !

Days and nights are passing
I am running through dark forests
Ravines and hills I climb
All hope seems lost.
Yet something leads me on
May be a light still flickers
A chance to see the light of the day .

I donít know why the strange urge leads me on
It seems to give me energy as I tire
I know confidently somehow
That I will win!!!!
I will show the world
What I am made of !

This Hope, this urge
Keep my feet running
Somehow I know someday
I will find the way
And so I run !

Anish Poddar
Class VI
Delhi Public School
Nerul, Navi Mumbai

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