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The secrets of the world

As the night passes by,
the moon comes in the sky.
she smiles at me,
I wonder as I see-
As the wind goes hurl,
I think of the suspense of the world.
the wildlife that lies in the forest,
the treasure in the oceans deepest,
The way the flames of fire change their colour,
And how the elephant is such an eater,
The way a crow flaps his wings,
And a nightingale beautifully sings,
the design of a peacocks feather,
the way god alters the weather,
From stormy nights to sunny days,
And how strong are the sunís rays.
many people call me a nature lover,
Staring at things forever.
If only I could know the secrets of the world
Iíd be happy and tell the whole earth.

Sabah Fatema Virani

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blaze beautiful!!!

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