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Prayer for truth

By: Yson Heart, 14 years

Prayer for truth

In the deepest of thoughts,

in rains and droughts,

in the darkest of nights,

in sunny days bright,

in state without friends,

in different trends,

between the unknown I find,

in people of my own kind,

in protecting my motherland,

in the houses of other's land,

in getting the shapes of life,

in problems as blade of knife,

I pray to you oh almighty GOD,

help me be truthful not a fraud.

Words of Appreciation

chrissy I love this poem because one of my friends died in a car accident 2 months ago. Do you think you could find a poem for a lost friend?
PARAG It's a nice poem
VANDANA YADAV It is a very simple and sweet poem, which attracts us as if trying to tell us that we should read it again and again. Keep reading!
rohan zaveri I like this poem. I prayed and my prayers got answered.
mehak ghai This poem is very nice.

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