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Life-Let us Uncomplicate

The world is in a terrible state,
devoid of love, full of hate.
Surrounded by hateful gallows,
nowhere are love marshmallows.
What is bringing about this hate?
Can anyone, anyone tell me mate?

We are the ones bringing all this upon us,
for ambition, power in the race to catch the money bus.
Take a chill pill and relax a while,
greet each day as it comes with a smile.
As, its time we call a plate, a plate.
Its time we 'un-complicate'.

For unnecessary complications, there is no need,
Don't be overpowered by sins, like greed.
Life is a wonderful gift,
Don't believe 'the contrary', for its time for a mental shift.
Itís time we call a plate, a plate.
Itís time we 'un-complicate'.

'The Complications' are leading us to such a fate,
Loading oneself with irrelevant problems, is a common trait.
But Dear friends,
Life isn't all that stiff, itís time to shut the 'problem gate',
Itís time we call a plate, a plate,
Itís time we 'un-complicate'.

Paraj Mathur
class IX
Birla High - Kolkata

Words of Appreciation

mini Awesome
Juhi Good work !!! Keep up the spirit and the fire within!! God bless you!
Ashish Awesome!!!
puja Excellent views!!!
Mom We are proud of you!!!

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