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The Perfect Blend

Ketki Gawande,


J B Vachha High School,


The Perfect Blend

Everyday when the sun sets

And the stars assume their patterns

And the day has made its journey

I wonder what has happened...

Tomorrow the world may change

Different from the life we know

And the fears of being alone and strange

Could even possibly come true...

But then you'll always be with me

And you'll always remind me

That there are other things that matter

Even if all our illusions shatter...

To watch the patterns of the big sky

Those constellations look like you and I

We won't ever lose, we won't refuse to try

We'll walk to our destiny, though we may have to cry...

Now I can see

That only God could send this

unusual blend

Of you and me.

If you felt unhappy or sad,

I'd feel just as much bad

And you know both of us can see

That I love you just like you love me...

In the dark of every night,

We'll stand together because we're right

And together we'll illuminate

The path of our own fate...

God made us for each other

I know it, I've never been more sure

We're living in that unlikely story

That tomorrow may be treasured as glory...

We'll watch the patterns of the big sky

Those constellations look like you and I

We'll stay together till the end, till we die

No one will know answers or the reasons why...

Because you see

Only God could send

This perfect blend

Of you and me.

Words of Appreciation

Lakshmi Glad to read the above poem...good one....can you send me the website of the J. B. Vachha High School? I am an alumni
Gouri Bhide I just love your stuff.
Nameeta Wow Ketki! I did not know you could write such beautiful poetry. Absolutely wonderful!!!
nikhil I always thought poetry was boring, but I like the way you rhyme..keep it up!!

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