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A Riddle

Susan Davies



Would you like to hear a riddle

A riddle that would make you think

Or would you prefer hearing a fiddle

That would let you go to sleep.

If you choose the first

Then I wish you the best

If you choose the second

Then pleasant dreams, goodbye.

To the choosers of the first

Here's what I say

Be prepared for the worst

For the riddle goes this way.

Its about a boy called Donald

Who has as many sisters as brothers

But each of his sisters has only

Half as many sisters as brothers

The number of boys and girls

In the family of little Donald

Is what you have to find

To solve this little riddle.

If you get this right

Then I congratulate you

If you got it wrong

Then here's something for you.

First is the first of the first

Second and third are nil

Last is the first of the last

The best way to describe you is this.

Ans: There are four boys and three girls in Donald's family. If you got it
wrong the word to describe you is FOOL.

Words of Appreciation

Shyamal The riddle is good
sim Its good

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