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Train by Prasoon

We were going on a train,
Who is to blame?
I don’t remember the name,
Though I know it was a special train.

We went to the platform,
Showed them the ticket form
He smiled and said, ”This is not the station”,
Our worry became a fixation!!

He said,”Go through your south wall,
And inside the orchard!
Push the apple aside, don’t let it fall!
Get in the hole, and inside the ford!
And you’ll get to the station!”

We did as told,
Got in the ford,
And found the train,
Oh, what a train!!

It was blue and had one wagon,
And had the words ‘Dragon’!
We trooped in, mystified,
When an alien popped out and said, “Where would you like to go, which side?!!
We told him we had to go to Japan,
And the train started off with a blam!!
And flew into the sky,
It was hard to believe, but we had to fly!
Two seconds later,
The table opened and it served a platter!
Safety was our only plea!
We were flying across the seven seas!!

Soon I saw land,
It was Japan,
“Fasten your seat belts, a voice said,
Or to fishes you will be fed!

I fastened my seat belt,
And large tremors I felt,
I shouted “Mom!”
(I thought I was bombed!)
My mother said,”Shhh, it’s only a dream of a train,”
Well, I ask you, who is to blame?

Prasoon Garg
B.V.B.P.S, Hyderabad.

Words of Appreciation

Ananya Superb!I love this poem.I love b.v.b.p.s too as I was student in it previously.But your poem is really good.I like it than my poem.
megha its good

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