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An Awaiting World

Serene Sarah George

10th Std.


When the stars in
the sky shine,

And the moonlight kidnaps me to a secret world;

I go back nostalgically to my childhood-

As an innocent baby crying in the cradle!

When the friendly wind pacifies me,

And the nature sings soothing tunes;

I jubilantly watch a comic film-

As a flashback of the day passed!

When the sun has fallen asleep,

And the cool breeze, with its nails, clings me;

I travel across the years to come-

As a pre-eminent personality!

When the cruel lightning collides with the calm blue sky,

Roaring as a black thunder;

I go and negotiate their disputes-

As an ‘alien lawyer of the space’!

When the rain showers on tranquil winter nights,

And its drops erode away my worldly thoughts;

I journey to visit my eternal Lord-

As a daughter, to the heavens!

When I fall beneath the warm blanket,

On my bed closing my eyelids;

A door opens to harmonious memories-

Inviting me to an awaiting world of dreams!

Words of Appreciation

jeena An awaiting world is a super work of serenity
arushi wasan A very beautiful poem. The writer of this poem must be amazing!
christine I know Serene personally, she is an amazing person.

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