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The lion and deer

Let’s hear the story of the lion and deer,
A smart deer was chatting in his own peer,

Suddenly the lion came and they ran in and out,
“Run! Danger!” was the loudest shout,
“Which one to catch was the lion’s doubt,

Then he saw a lonely one,
Very casual and silly,
It did not run,

The lion went to prove its last day on the earth,
The silly would be dead due to its bitter mirth,

The silly deer was the one chatting with his own peer,
Very casual and silly it didn’t see his own rear,

Then he saw his funeral dawn,
Lion’s den, his bones will adorn,
Then the lion jumped on his sharpest horns!

The deer sat down for a prayer,
He thought “ If I had known from a soothsayer”,

He sat on the warm and slippery mud,
The lion pounced on him with the loudest thud,
Then he saw the lion in a pool of blood,

He thought that god had saved his life,
But not his horn was sharp as knife,

This dumb deer never thought of his sharpest horns,
But he was scared of his funeral dawn,

Always don’t depend on luck is what I learnt,
It’s better lesson to learn than enjoying the story’s fun.

Aditya kulkarni

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