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By: Isabelle Frehner

Recently, I researched about
the Russian Troika-a three-horse-drawn cart/sleigh which was used in Old

I wrote a poem about it...I hope you like it...*I do!*


brilliant horses,

In all of their glory,

Galloping, Galloping,

Streaking past the villages,

Their hooves make a clatter,

Galloping, Galloping,

The Spirited White shakes his head,

His legs stretch out with every tread,

His mane is like spun silver as he tosses it in the light,

The Inky Black swishes his tail,

Should you look at him, and know he isn’t frail,

And white specks of foam froth his champing mouth,

The Fuming Red lengthens his stride,

His eyes wild and nostrils wide,

His body golden and polished with his sweat,

The three are a team,

They all work together,

They are Russia’s finest,

Parading the streets,

Their hooves slush through snow in Winter,

And scatter golden leaves in Autumn,

They carry their heads high,

With ears pricked forward,

They swallow up the ground with their wide, swinging gait,

They collect themselves in a graceful manner,

Their necks arched and their expression noble and proud,

Prancing, Plunging, Pivoting, Pawing, Perspiring, Perturbed,
Picturesque as can be,

They gallop off, clattering across cobbled roads,

The chiming of bells follows,

Shrill and clear...

Words of Appreciation

Linda Do you know the Russian folklore story about the Troika? The black horse represents Sorrow, in life you will always have some sorrow. The red horse represents Love; Love will always overcome sorrow; and the white horse represents Peace, thru love we will always have peace in life.

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