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New Sunrise for India

Long back India was called a Golden Sparrow
After the loot by British, we had to borrow
But the originality never dies
And we see the new sun rising in the Indian sky

We see the darkness fading away
Slowly, Slowly, one day it has to go away
Terrorism, Naxalism will mend its way
The country will lead on the peaceful and safest way.

Build character to rebuild nation
Everybody has to come in motion
Regionalism, Castiesm will be out of action
which will give us a status of super power nation

All the other countries
finding it difficult to save its command
Our movement of leading the world has already began
And our success is spelled by ‘Chandrayaan’.

Our rich heritage will help us to fly
Peace will be established and there will be no cry.
Everybody will accept and no one will ask why
And we will see new sunrise in the Indian sky.

Sneha Bhutada
Bhavan’s Lloyds Vida Niketan, Wardha

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